Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Lord has heard our cry (for a nice clinical instructor)!

Praise GOD for an awesome clinical instructor! (I know there may be some of my fellow clinical peeps reading this, so let's keep our fingers crossed that we aren't let down). But seriously, I think I've been really blessed for the 1st half of this semester. Mrs. A, as I will call her, is a fun, laid-back, "keep your cool" type of person. She is not the "hover over your shoulder" type. Nor is she the intimidating, "you need to prove to me your worthiness type." I am so surprised as to how comfortable she made us all feel today. A sharp contrast to some instructors I've had in the past.

We're on a Med-Surgical/multi-purpose floor at Northshore Regional Hospital. During my second semester of nursing school I was on a med-surg floor so I'm pretty sure I'll be pretty comfortable with it. Except this time we'll be having 2-4 patients and taking turns being a "team leader." I think it's going to go fine. When I only had one patient I remember sometimes having so much time on my hands I didn't know what to do, so I would just hang out and chat with the patient. That's great, but since we're all graduating this semester we need to get use to having a larger patient load.

Aaron's parents have booked tickets to fly down from Minnesota to see me graduate. So that really puts the pressure on for me to do good this semester. Still thinking constantly about being a L&D nurse (subscribed to a few wonderful nurse's blogs) but have yet to work my resume'.

Of course, Hannah is doing just fine at Kristen's playing with Lili all day. My schedule is so great this semester. Since my class/clinical is the evening. I chill at home all morning with Hannah, drop her off at Kristen's around noon and then head to class. Aaron picks her up on his way home from work and I usually get home between 7-8pm (that is until clinical start up). Anyway, Hannah comes home with SO much energy she'll literally run around the house screaming her head off. Now where did she learn that from? Hmm. Her friend Lili (age 2.5) is a great influence on her. After all, Hannah peed on the potty for Kristen probably because she saw Lili doing it. Don't ya' just love how kids show off for other adults except their parents?

Hannah being a stinker.

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