Monday, June 28, 2010


I don't even remeber how I came across Hypnobabies but I know it was before I was even pregnant with Judah. I was amazed and almost in disbelief as I watched videos of women singing, smiling (and not screaming) during labor. I was hesitant to buy it as the word hypnosis is a turn off for us but the more I read about it the more I realized this type of childbirth hypnosis is simply an extremely relaxed and trained state of mind. It's really not weird at all and if makes natural birth comfortable and wonderful (which it did!) it was worth it.

Here is a video of me in labor, using the relaxation techniques:

My mom purchased the home study kit listed below for my Christmas present and I started practicing around 20 weeks. It was worth every dime! I've already loaned mine out to one woman and plan on sharing this with all my friends who want a natural childbirth.


  1. I have been keeping up with you on Xanga :) Glad you're back to blogger! Congratulations on the birth of Judah! He is so handsome :) I had a very positive experience with an epidural when my daughter was born, so that's my plan this time too, but your birth experience sounds amazing! Even though I have no desire for a natural childbirth, I so admire women like you who do it but don't make women who don't go natural feel like lesser women/moms! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience with everyone. :) What a great mom you have to get you such an awesome gift!

  3. I just sent your blog address to a friend who is considering going natural. I shared my experience with her, but I directed her to your comments about hypnobirthing for an alternative to the Bradley method. Thank you again for sharing your birth story and details with us and thank the Lord for the joy of natural childbirth. Keep lovin' on your little Judah!

  4. I would love to try your birth experience. I really love to have a natural childbirth of course that is less expensive than having c-section. You are a strong woman and I bow you for that.

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