Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekly Walmart Run & Meal plan

For over a week I had been anticipating taking advantage of this Kraft deal here, but just yesterday I found out my Save-a-lot is not participating. I was so excited about getting free groceries. I had been saving up my Kraft coupons, but oh well. I really needed to make a grocery run today to get fresh produce. I had a little "emergency" with my daughter Hannah this morning that I will talk about in my next post. So I know I could have gotten better deals on some of these items but this was good enough for me:

Bananas 4.43lbs @ .30/lb- $1.33
Romaine lettuce on sale for .83
Peaches on sale for .94/lb got 3 lbs
Roma tomatoes .97/lb got 1lb
Cilantro .66
Geen bell pepper on sale for .34 got 2.
GV french fries $1.88
Dole Pineapple bites 2 at .98 each (used this coupon here and a buy 1 get one sticker on product= both free)
4 bags 2% Kraft cheese 1.98 each, .98 after coupons (used 4 $1 off coupons from here) Print 2 per computer. Simply hit the back button and click refresh.
2 boxes chopped spinach .98 each
GV peas $2.08
Yoplait Yoplus 4-pack 1.08 after $1 dollar off coupon
Italian sausage $3.50 (I thought this was on sale for $3.. oops)
Tropicana OJ $1.73 after this $1 off coupon
GV lite sour cream $1.06
GV cool whip .88

**Note as a general rule, most coupons sites alow you to hit the back button and print the coupon twice.

Subtotal $33.31 Amount after coupons $25.35 Saved $7.98
As you can tell we love our fresh produce!

Meal Ideas
Breakfasts: Scrambled eggs, peanut butter toast, frozen pastries, or cereal.
Lunches: Salad, turkey sandwiches, fresh fruit or leftovers
  • Leftover pizza from Cafe Roma
  • Spicy Black bean soup with sour cream, tomatoes and fresh cilantro
  • Lasagna with salad (will freeze leftovers)
  • Soft tacos with black bean dip
  • Slow cooker chicken with a side of peas and baked potatoes
  • Shred leftover slow cooker chicken and make chicken salad on bread or over lettuce with a side of french fries and fruit
Money Saving tip: Having too much food leftover is not always a bad thing! Why not portion whatever is leftover of your meal into individual plastic containers and stick in the freezer. Then when your in a hurry or at a loss of what to cook, instead of reaching for a frozen dinner your family can each choose what type of meal they want to reheat and enjoy. I freeze even the smallest bit of leftovers because you never know what that will be the perfect meal/lunch or snack.

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  1. This is great, Bridget! Thanks! I'm especially excited about the black bean soup recipe! (this is Adriane~ i was solitary_melodrama on xanga).