Saturday, August 8, 2009

Freak out this morning...

Last night at about 2am Hannah started crying. Not a big deal, right? We assumed she was just getting her last few teeth in. But the crying lasted on and off all night. Aaron was up with her for a lot of the time but ended up frustrated because had to go to work this morning. At about 6am I got up with her and decided to just start the day early. But the way Hannah was crying was absolutely heartbreaking. You know that, "I'm so tired I can barely even express my pain type of cry?" She would rest her head on my chest, calm down and then start crying again.

I noticed she kept reaching for the back of her neck like her neck was hurting. Thought it was a fluke (maybe she was reaching for her ears?) but she kept doing it. I touched her neck and she flinched. I asked her to show me her "bobo" and she said bobo and reached for neck again. This is where I started to get worried for one of two reasons. A) Bacterial and viral meningitis is not uncommon in young children Hannah's age and what starts as a little flu can end up deadly if not treated immediately. Although Hannah had no fever, sore neck and headache are also telltale symptoms. B) She had two little falls yesterday. She fell off while standing on the toilet and then again trying to climb out of the bath tub.

So call me a little paranoid but that's what nursing school will do to you. Because she had no fever I wasn't too worried about the meningitis, but I was worried she may hurt self falling yesterday. I didn't see her hit her head but you never know... and an internal bleed is often symptom free until hours later. I called up my mom (who is a nurse) and of course talking about her granddaughter she suggested going immediately to the ER to be safe. I called Aaron and he did not want me going to the ER, saying it was probably just teething or an earache.

I distracted Hannah with breakfast and she start acting a lot better. She stopped crying as much even though she still was pulling at her neck. I decided to continue with my morning and keep a very close eye on her and so far she seems a lot better. As of now I think she may have pulled a muscle in her neck but that fierce mother/nurse in me is keeping a hawk's eye on her.

So this my adventurous Saturday morning. Please keep Hannah in your prayers for whatever it is.


  1. I hope that little miss Hannah is feeling better today!

  2. Hi there... Hope little Hannah is feeling better. There is no feeling as a parent as wanting your little one to feel better, is there? I am Kates533 from Xanga, by the way. I followed you here through Mothering Munchkins, AKA Emily.

  3. That is so scary! I freak out over my baby all the time... It's always so hard to know when to call the doctor.