Thursday, August 13, 2009

Win-dixie savings (w/ coupons)

I usually do my grocery shopping at Walmart or Target but this week I noticed Win-dixie had some great deals. One major positive is that they actually mark down meat when it's about to expire (which I've found Walmart does not, I think they throw it out before even gets close to expiration). Anyway, I will definately be going back. Our local Win-dixie has tranformed into a gourmet-inspired store that seems to have good discounts. Plus, Hannah got a free chocolate chip cookie that kept her sweet and happy even though our grocery run was past her bedtime.

Blue bell icecream on sale 2/$7 + 2 $1 off coupons from here= $2.50 each

Pecan Honey Bunches of Oats FREE with coupon
Yoplait Fiber one 4-pack 2.79- free coupon from Psst =FREE

17 oz Bertolli EVOO 2/$ 8.49= $4.24 each

Tuna steaks originally $4-5= marked down $1.50 each

Coffeemate $2 + $1 off coupon= $1

Windixie baby carrots B1G1 free $1.89= .94 cents each
Kraft Cesar dressing on sale $2.00 + $1.50 off= .50 cents
2lbs red kidney beans= $1.29 each

Wonder whole grain bread= $2

Total before sale prices and coupons $65.28

Amount saved by using coupons $ 11.78

Total paid $35.14

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