Sunday, September 13, 2009

1st prenatal appointment tommorow

First appointment tommorow @ 1:30pm. I'm so excited!

And I'm hoping Aaron can come. Last pregnancy he could only make it to my ultrasounds but now since his schedule is flexible he thinks he'll be making it home early tomorrow. It would be great if he could.

Maybe I'll try to talk her into "trying" to hear the heartbeat on a doppler. That would be amazing! I know it's early (I'm supposedly 6wks/5 days) but who knows... I have a thin abdominal wall and perhaps may dates are a little off? The thought of having twins has come across my mind a time or two. I am a fraternal twin, so it runs it's in my genes, and I don't really have anything that's making me think that though.

My grammar is horrible right now because I'm tired and looking at the computer screen makes me feel sick. But I just wanted to say I'm excited about my appointment tomorrow! I'll have to share any exciting news later.


  1. I hope you sleep well and enjoy your appointment. :-)

  2. I hope your 1st appointment goes well!
    And I didn't know you are a twin - very cool!!

  3. Good luck! That first appointment is HUGE!! Can't wait to hear all about it:-)

  4. Do you mind me asking what birth control you were using (i am guessing NFP, but I may be wrong)... I am a newlywed doing NFP and was just wanting some feedback. Thanks! (ps i've been reading your xanga/blog for years now... but rarely comment - thanks for writing)

  5. Congratulations, Bridget! That is wonderful. May God bless your pregnancy... how precious is this miracle of life.

  6. Hope that its not to late congrats you on your pregnancy..

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  7. Hope you can update your blog. I really love to read about you.

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