Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm back!

Well, folks, I have been so busy I have not blogged in ages. I must say, I miss it. I have so much to share. My baby boy is now 20 months old! And his sister is now 4. The little man listed in the birth story below is now an extremely active toddler chasing his sister around the house, climbing on tables, standing on chairs... the whole nine yards.

Career wise, I landed a job in L&D! Sort of. I still work pediatrics part-time at one hospital and am in the (what seems to be a very long) process of training in L&D at another hospital. I got my foot in the door by working prn on their peds/postpartum floor and I'm so happy they are letting me train in L&D. They know it's my heart to work there, but it seems the some of the doctors despise new people (I'm not even joking) so they're wanting to give me a good long orientation more so that the docs will warm up to me. Yes, it's as much drama as it sounds. But so far working L&D has been worth it.

I've already seen some very sad stuff like stillbirths and d&c's (misscairages), but nothing is as thrilling as watching sweet babies being born. I think it's amazing. I definitely have a long way to go but I really enjoy it. If anybody has questions or suggestions for L&D related posts let me know. I love talking about the stuff I'm learning.


  1. Welcome back, Bridget! Congrats on getting the position in L&D! :)

    - Iris

  2. P.S. I was browsing, and I am pretty sure I found you on there! I was reading your post and thought, hmm, that reminds of me of Bridget, and then I looked at the user name. ;) I hope that things are going okay!