Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pretty girl.

Peanut butter + english muffin=

She is doing much better, praise God! No bad symptoms since yesterday morning. It is so hard keeping track of a toddler. I can't go to the bathroom without wondering if I'm going to find her on the table, on the arm of the couch or locked in a closet somewhere. Seriously, one day she had gotten into a box of glass tea light candles (that was sitting on the kitchen table, mind you) and successfully stacked ten+ of them on top of each other. Talk about the leaning toward of Pisa. It's a miracle she hasn't been seriously injured yet. His grace is great and his protection... much needed in this household. That's Jesus loving the little children for you. :o)


  1. Glad that Hannah is doing better!

  2. She is absolutely adorable! And I am so jealous of her beautiful hair. :) Someday (hopefully before she's 3!) Shiphrah will have hair too. :)

  3. She's beautiful! You WILL make it through this stage. If I can, ANYONE can!